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Author Ruth J. Hartman Blog Tours with the Writeaholic!

Hey everyone! I’m thrilled to be part of author Ruth J. Hartman’s Blog Tour for her fantastic romance, Pillow Talk, available at Class Act Books! I’ve known Ruth for a while now, been honored to interview her and host sneak peek chapters of her books at Whispers of the Muse, and even enjoyed sharing Author Success strategies with her! I know you’ll love this author because, after all, who doesn’t love a romance author?

Riley-Magnus: Ruth, Congratulations on the launch of Pillow Talk! Tell us a little about you and this delightful book!

Ms. Hartman: Thanks for hosting me, Debbie! I’m a romance author as well as a dental hygienist. “Pillow Talk” is a sweet contemporary romance about a tooth fairy falling in love with her dentist.

Riley-Magnus: Is this your first book?

Ms. Hartman: No, actually, “My Life in Mental Chains” a memoir about living with severe OCD, was published in 2008.

Riley-Magnus: You’ve got a very active launch campaign going on right now. Can you describe your efforts?

Ms. Hartman: I laughed with another author the other day, because we’re both active on so many internet sites, we sometimes forget where we’re going, I’ve got my website/blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Goodreads, and several others. Each site has a unique way of getting information across to readers.

Riley-Magnus: Ruth, what is your Author Platform – the platform that is about you as an author of several books?

Ms. Hartman: What started out as a one-book plan for my memoirs turned into a series of romance books. So far, all but one revolve around dentistry. It seems to be a unique niche (dental romance) that I haven’t come across much before. People seem interested in the concept.

Riley-Magnus: And your Book Platform? What wonderful discoveries have you made to find and cultivate new and interesting venues for the sale of Pillow Talk? What are your unique promotional approaches, and sexy publicity and exposure efforts?

Ms. Hartman: I work in a town that’s thirty minutes from where I live. It never occurred to me to promote the book there, along with my hometown. But a few months ago, a new patient, who happens to work for a newspaper, asked if she could do an article on my book. I said, “Of course!” of course J. She did a wonderful job with it. The following day, I walked into the café/bookstore next door to the newspaper. Several people had seen the article and wanted to chat. It was wonderful! There are also some dental sites that are interested in doing articles on the book. And when I’m on Twitter and post about it, I’ve used the #dental tag and have connected with several dental professionals that way.

Riley-Magnus: I understand another book is on the horizon. Can you tell us a little about that?

Ms. Hartman: I have two books that will be out early next year. One is about a dental hygienist who falls in love with her patient, and the other one tells the story of a woman and her cat who find themselves stranded on a yacht for two weeks with a man they’ve never met. Both are romances.

Riley-Magnus: I’d like your candid opinion on the current state of the publishing industry. How are you publishing (indie, small press, e-pub, self-pub, traditional agented publication)?

Ms. Hartman: For me, I’ve gone with several small presses. I’d submitted to larger houses before and many times never even received a response. The small presses, though, are quicker to reply and kinder to new authors. I also tried the agented route but didn’t have any luck that way. I’m finding, though, that I’m quite happy with submitting to the small publishers myself. My experiences have been very good.

Riley-Magnus: Where do you see the future of the publishing industry going?

Ms. Hartman: I’m reading so much about e-publishing these days. I see the trend going more in that direction, I think. The publishers I’m with do print as well as e-books, which I think is smart. Why not do both and cover all your bases?

Riley-Magnus: What advice do you have for writers just starting out with their careers?

Ms. Hartman: I’d tell them to know first what genre they’re interested in writing about. Once they know that, it’s easier to surf online publishing websites for possible submission sites. Once they find some interesting houses, read the submission guidelines very carefully! Most publishers have detailed instructions for authors to follow and sometimes won’t accept, or even respond to, submissions that waver from those instructions.

Back to School! It’s Workshop Season, Everyone!

Here we go! I’ve booked myself to teach several online workshops over the next few months in hopes of getting some wonderful information out there to writers and authors ready, willing and able to rock into success! Sign up today!


Women on Writing (WOW): Creating an Effective Book Business Plan


One of the most productive things an author can do is write a Book Business Plan. It’s a required exercise for authors writing non-fiction book proposals and easily as important as actually writing the book, whether non-fiction or fiction. Why?

  • Writing is a business
  • Writing is YOUR business
  • Nothing reminds a business person about the importance of their business more than a business plan

This is the reason the very first serious effort you should make in building your platform should start with a Book Business Plan. For this workshop, we will explore why and how an author should put all the ducks in line, numbers where they belong and place everything in a neatly wrapped package. Want success? Click on the link above and join me!


SavvyAuthors: Tantric Publicity for Authors

Is there anything sexier than the media? Glitz and glamour, fantastic events that blow the mind and make Average Joe a household name? This workshop is designed to teach the practical sides of publicity, familiarize the author with the rules of the game as well as a few  tricks for getting major results on a shoe string budget. Tantric Publicity for Authors is entertainingly taught with a focus on the tantalizing goals of the Kama Sutra for reaching ultimate (in this case publicity) satisfaction. Click on the link above and join me!

OCTOBER 25 – 29, 2010

SavvyAuthors: Geisha Marketing for Authors

The definition of Marketing is: The process by which one creates customer interest in products or services. The definition of Geisha is: An entertainer whose skills include performing various arts such as classical music and dance. The Geisha Marketing for Authors workshop is specifically designed and presented to show the true art of marketing, to imbue the power of passion, skill, creativity, understanding and talent to create a successful book marketing plan. Click on the link above, bring your own green tea and join me!

NOVEMBER 15 – 19, 2010

SavvyAuthors: Roman Empire Promotions for Authors

This third in the series of SavvyAuthors workshops is easily the most powerful, hard core and down to the nitty-gritty workshop of them all. Roman Empire Promotions for Authors builds upon everything taught in the publicity and marketing workshops, and follows up with military-like strategy designed to simplify the implementation of strong, effective book events and promotions. Every author wanting success needs this workshop. Click on the link above, gird your loins and join me!


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