Author Success: A “Well Business Planned” Future, part 12

PART TWELVE: Show and Tell

You have done it all! You have completed your Book Business Plan! We’ve covered:

But … I’m a Writer, Not a Businessperson, Your Subject Hooks and Selling Handles, How Long, Author Platform and Book Platform, Target Markets, Your Exposure Plan, Your Promotional Plan, Your Competition, Resources Required, Bio and Photo and Book Outline Requirements

It’s time for Show and Tell! Time to use everything you’ve worked so hard to put together (almost as hard as you worked to write the book!).

A serious author, one who plans for a full career as a writer, understands all the elements we’ve covered. They know that writing IS their business. They understand the responsibilities of promoting their business, expanding it, growing it … building it. A successful author is aware of the market, how to write for it and sale to it. That author knows that some battles – like developing an entirely new market or bucking what the readers, agents and publishers are asking for – just may not be productive. The point of gaining sales success is to also gain the ability to write what they want. Everyone must pay their dues, be seen, heard, watched and followed. It’s just how the world works.

An author with a strong Book Business Plan has established a commitment to their career. They’ve made the effort, did the work, faced the questions and created perfect solutions for marketing themselves and their books. They understand that this shift in the industry (the shift that drops marketing responsibilities onto the author’s shoulders) is not a bad thing. It is a challenge, but it’s also a boon! Authors who take the reigns into their own hands are always happier with the final results, especially if they’ve efficiently planned for those results. Think of it as a 12 step program to take us all from what the publishing world used to be … to what the publishing world will be. AND, making sure we’re all ready to ride this new machine to the winner’s circle.

Never forget, your Book Business Plan is a living breathing thing. It’ll change with the market, the industry and every new direction you choose to approach for bigger exposure and more book sales. It’s a perfect collection of all the elements and bits of information you will need to try something new with your marketing. It is your friend; it’ll gain weight and lose weight, it get cranky and be sweet. Treat this plan with respect and it will serve you well. And remember, with your next book – fiction, series or non-fiction – you’ll be developing another plan. Sometimes, especially if you are writing a series, you can simply hook onto the successful strategies you created in the first plan. But remember, there are ALWAYS new and expanded directions to reach possible readers. So keep your Book Business Plan fluid. It’s a template for your career, your future and just may become your best friend ever.

And now … (just in case you thought I was finished, LOL) …

There are a few advanced tools and strategies, among them the skill to sniff out and identify multilevel marketing and promotional opportunities. So, the next series in the Author Success blogs will cover just that.

Author Success: Multilevel Marketing and Promotion

This NEW series will cover …

  • The world’s most effective book launch
  • Understanding how to dig deeper into your manuscript for even more selling hooks
  • Taking your platforms to even more effective places for awareness and sales results
  • Taking what you know of your market and expanding it
  • E-book sales success strategies
  • Playing the genre game
  • Cross marketing your book
  • Ongoing sales strategies for when the book launch honeymoon blush is gone
  • Time management that gives you TIME TO WRITE
  • And more

Come join me for the next in my Author Success series … Multilevel Marketing and Promotions. The publication world is changing and YOU, the author, can be sure to be successful no matter what happens. How? By dancing through the raindrops and coming out dry and smiling.


Author Success Coaching

Publicity Marketing Promotions

Author Success, A Well “Business Planned” Future

12 Lessons and they start here, But … I’m a Writer, Not a Businessperson

About Deborah Riley-Magnus

Deborah Riley-Magnus is an author and an Author Success Coach. She has a twenty-seven year professional background in marketing, advertising, and public relations as a writer for print, television, and radio. She writes fiction and non-fiction. Since 2010, she had two novels released. In 2013 her nonfiction, Finding Author Success (Second Edition), and Cross Marketing Magic for Authors were released. Her newest book, Write Brain/Left Brain, focuses on bridging the gap between the creative writer and the marketing author. Deborah produces several pieces monthly for various websites and online publications. She writes an author industry blog and teaches online and live workshops as The Author Success Coach. She belongs to several writing and professional organizations. Deborah has lived on both the east and west coast of the United States and has traveled the country widely. She is a native of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and recently returned after living in Los Angeles, California for several years. View all posts by Deborah Riley-Magnus

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