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Marketing success is one of those things that seem so far out of reach for most authors, they’ve started to believe it doesn’t exist. Author marketing success isn’t an impossible conundrum. It’s a challenge that requires little more than seeing this curious, sometime confusing, and always powerful task with different eyes. Imagining marketing to be the difficult part of author existence will get you nowhere. It’s time to shake things up! It’s time for a little LOVE! 


Let’s imagine that the your book is a lovely woman seeking happiness and joy. She’s definitely strong enough to stand on her own, but she knows that she needs a partner—a special, caring, and supportive someone—to help her really become the blissful woman she always wanted to be. Your book needs sales, and although the story may be fantastic, without her lover—marketing—no one will ever know how wonderful she is! It’s time to call a truce and start loving the process that can get you to your well deserved happiness.

Stop thinking of marketing as the devil, out to eat all your time and energy and show little results. By opening yourself to the process, you will be able to see the right and wrong paths to marketing success.

The first wrong path is focusing so much of your marketing efforts on other authors, author Facebook groups, and author strategies for twitter. They all do the same thing and most often target their efforts toward each other. Other authors are NOT your customer. They’ll never get you to the best seller list. Yes, you love them and appreciate their support, but it’s time to step away from your competition and use marketing for the right audience … the people who love the unique elements inside your book.

Spread the LoveSTEP 2 – SPREAD THE LOVE

So…where are these people who will love the things inside your book. Yes, they are genre lovers, but do be careful. If you focus your marketing at romance, fantasy, horror, or historic genre lover groups on Facebook, be sure to take a moment to look at the other people in those groups. Yes, they are mostly other authors. Think about this carefully. If the genre groups members you’re trying to sell to are also being shouted at by a million other authors, what are your chances of getting a sale? It’s a small pond with a lot of fishermen.

To really spread the love, you need to find another pond, one where there are no other authors trying to catch your fish. This is actually simple. It requires only one thing…you must actually sit down and read your own book.

It’s funny how many authors never crack open their own book after publication. It’s a done deal, and now it just needs to sell well, right? The reason I suggest that you read your own book again is so that you can locate all the magical unique hooks you already wrote into it. Those unique hooks are your direct line to marketing and sales success and they’re all there, just waiting for you to use them.

For example, does your main character have an interesting preference? Love coffee? Love to square dance, love raising rabbits? It could be anything that reaches a large audience of people who also love that unique hook. Race cars, country music, chocolate, dogs, cats, healthy living…a powerful unique hook can be anything. Usually authors forget about these wonderful elements of their story when it comes to marketing, choosing instead to focus on genre, like all their other author friends.

Here’s an important tip for any author marketing strategy—MARKETING IS NOT A ONE SIZE FITS ALL EFFORT. Never forget that your book is different from any other book written by any other author. It should never be marketed like any other book, no matter the genre. Those unique hooks are the colors and brush strokes that make your book so unique. Use them! Reach out to coffee lovers, dog lovers, people who love healthy eating or green lifestyle. Focus your marketing on country music lovers, horse lovers, or whatever element makes your story so extremely different from another author’s book. Unique hooks are the way to spread the love deeper and further than your competition. You will find yourself marketing to people who actually respond because they’re not so snowed under with other shouting authors. Your pond will be full of fish no one else is trying to catch.

Make more loveSTEP 3 – MAKE MORE LOVE

It’s wonderful to locate twitter and Facebook unique hook lovers by searching your unique hooks. If your unique hook is dogs, seek out animal rescue league, dog breeders, and pet related product services and company Facebook and twitter accounts, then simply ask their followers to follow or friend you. That gives you big reach,

To make more love, think about those people who love your unique hooks. A great way to make an impact with really strong unique hook lovers is to seek out bloggers (NOT OTHER AUTHORS, just regular folks) who blog about your unique hooks. A blog about loving chocolate, dogs, or country music can be loaded with followers you need to reach. Once you find the perfect blogger (or several bloggers) simply ask the blog owner to guest blog to their following. Assure them that the guest blog will be about the thing they love. The last paragraph or so of this guest blog would tie the topic to your book. The blog owner will gladly post the provided jpg of your book cover and buy link at the bottom. Most bloggers love this! They’re thrilled to have a real author guest blog for them…and you’re thrilled to have the opportunity to reach out and market to all their blog followers, people you’d never reach if you did the tired old genre marketing strategies. Imagine creating your own, unique hook, personalized blog tour! The best part of this technique? There are no other authors anywhere in sight! It’s a WIN/WIN!

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Author Success: A Well “Business Planned” Future, part 8

PART EIGHT: Your Competition

Who is your competition? If you write paranormal romance, that would be every book on the (physical and cyber) bookshelves that include romance or paranormal characters. If you write memoirs about 1950s housewives, your competition would be every other memoir about the 1950s and every fiction about the era. If you write cookbooks, it’s every chef, celebrity or otherwise, who finds a publisher. If you write erotica … okay, now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty and erotica is a good place to start.

If you’re thinking “Oh hell, my book is better than any other book in my genre,” you could be absolutely right. But think hard. Are books the only competition you’ve got? I mentioned the cyber bookshelves, and e-books are something to seriously respect. If you’re writing them, the battle for visibility is growing as fast as the e-book market.

But really, who IS your competition?


There’s a lot more competition out there than you think. Let’s take the genre for erotica as it will clearly demonstrate my point easily. (Stop grinning like that, this is serious stuff.) Okay, quiet class and listen up. If you write erotica in any form, your competition includes:

  • Erotic books
  • Erotic compilations and collections
  • Erotic E-books
  • Erotic magazines
  • Porn magazines
  • Free erotica and porn on the internet
  • Erotic and porn videos
  • Erotic and porn movies
  • Erotic, porn and fetish clubs
  • Erotic, porn and fetish toy stores

Now, let’s take this a step further. This part no longer applies to simply the erotic genre. This applies to ALL writing genre, mediums and resources.

Now … really … who IS your competition?


MONEY. Yes, money. As a writer you need to be very honest with yourself as to who your competition is and where it comes from. These are trying financial times – as is clearly evident by the current condition and shaky landscape of the publishing industry. And not just this industry either. No need to list the tough reality of unemployment and struggling finances everywhere. What this means to an author is that the few dollars a person has to spend will be carefully delegated. If an average person in these tough times allocates $100 per month for entertainment, where might that hundred bucks go? Dinner in restaurants? A night at the theatre? Netflix? An amusement park? Museum? Maybe it’ll be saved up for a vacation. How much of that “entertainment” budget will go for books?

Obviously the expenditure on books has dropped drastically. Considering the contents of your own wallet, how many books have you considered, how many have you actually purchased and why?

This is where knowing the shifting paradigm of the market is important. The reason traditional publishers do not promote an author (unless they’ve already proven Best Seller status) is that they simply can no longer afford it.

So, what’s a new or mid-list author to do? Understanding that our competition is a book written in the same genre is sure enough to make us write a better book. Knowing that we’ve got competition for our genre on the internet, from e-publishing and a dwindling entertainment dollar is even more important. Now what? Back up and punt?

No silly. Now that you have taken pencil and paper and clearly outlined not only every obvious competitors you have but the not-so-obvious ones too, it’s time to get to work and plan a strategy to truly compete.

Step back and take a deep breath then think it all through.

Which authors out there are successful? What are they doing? Do you like their promotions? Events? Blogs? Websites? How do they compare with yours? Are your efforts as many? As strong? As effective? How long have you been building your platforms? That could be the problem. If you haven’t been active much until you thought maybe it was time … it was way past time. Your platforms – both author and book – need to begin EARLY.

Competing isn’t fair at all. Everyone doesn’t just show up on the field of play and end up glorious winners. Think muscles. Think strategy. Think Maximus the Gladiator. He had a few things going for him, like knowing how to fight, long before he had to face his enemy in the Roman Coliseum. The arena looms girls and boys, and there are hundreds of competitors, big and small, waiting to cut us out of the game. The only way you can make competition fair, is to be as buff as your toughest competitor.

Now, hit the gym and get your platforms big and shiny. The world awaits your success!


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